Download XMEye Pro for PC and Laptop [Windows & MacOS]

It seems to me likeĀ huangwanshui is trying to gain more trust of their consumers. They have started to provide more-n-more apps that benefit their users in lots of ways. Now that there’s a huge competition in the market, there’s one more add to the collection.

If you own a surveillance system of that particular industry, I present XMEye Pro. This tool is not officially available for computers. So I’ve decided to deliver a guide about a way to Download XMEye Pro for PC, free on Windows & MacOS. You may not know much about the app, so I’ll write its short overview.

XMEye Pro for PC

Download XMEye Pro for PC and Laptop

XMEye Pro is officially available to be accessed by handheld device users. But if you are trying to Download XMEye Pro for PC, then you can get the job done through Android emulators. These programs will help you emulate the whole Android interface. So you can use any Android application on your computer.

Installation of XMEye Pro for PC [Windows 10-8-7 & MacOS]

XMEye Pro for PC Download

  • Download the BlueStacks emulator on your computer (Desktop or Laptop).
  • When the emulator’s file is downloaded, launch it directly from your web browser.
  • Keep following the onscreen instructions to successfully install the software.
  • Finally, when the emulator is installed, you can launch it from the desktop of your PC.
  • After its first boot is completed, you’ll be taken directly to its home UI (user interface).
  • Now what you need to do is, click once on the play store’s icon.
  • Enter your Gmail account details or if you don’t have such an account, click on Create an Account link.
  • Once the sign-in process is completed, you’ll start to see the play store’s interface.
  • Half of your work is done, now just click on the search bar that available in the play store.
  • Search XMEye Pro by entering its keyword in the bar and then pressing enter.
  • Click on the install button and wait.
  • Thereafter, XMEye Pro for PC [Windows 10-8-7-MacOS] will be installed and ready to use.

What is XMEye Pro?

XMEye Pro is an upgraded version of the XMEye app that’s being produced by huangwanshui. All of the things from the past version are also available in it. But the additions like a simple interface that’s fully featured is what makes it more indulging.

The implementation of charges are the same as before. You are never asked to pay anything or forced to bear online advertisements while using it. Another thing that’s being kept the same is that you are still required to register or login.

Moving On

After you sign-in, you are allowed to connect & configure your IP cams with ease. Now there’s a Direct Mode available that helps you access live feeds without any hassle. You just have to search for the devices connected with the same network and then select the ones you own.

One thing you should know that the application will only search for the app that’s registered to your account. In my opinion, it only selects the nearby cams or recorders. It’s a good thing because it never lets you or any third-party user connect the disowned devices.

You don’t have to worry about the nature of your connected network. Because the portal is designed to work with all sorts of internet connection. LAN, WiFi, Mobile Data, all of the networks are supported by the app.

App Pros:

  • Video Playback.
  • Audio Support.
  • Live feed in HD.
  • Pan-Tilt cameras.
  • Easy to configure cams.
  • Record videos from live footage.
  • No restriction on the number of connected devices.

App Cons:

  • No Zoom in or out.
  • Some country’s mobile data is not supported.
  • No cloud support.

That’s all, thank you.

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