Proxynel For PC, Laptop – Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

Proxynel Download For PC: This app provides a facility to access blocked websites & social media apps. Things which are blocked online due to geographical restrictions, they become available at your doorstep.

Likely, users can use this app to live stream or download media files from the internet conveniently. Basically, Proxynel for Windows comes with a hassle-free interface. It is easily understood by all the users, that’s is now loved and trusted by over 5 million users in a short period of time.

Proxynel For PC

Why Proxynel For PC?

The basic facility of Proxynel is to allow users to acquire services of a VPN via a built-in browser. The VPN browser allows a user to become totally anonymous with a strong encryption process of 256-bit. Recently, we all encountered ransomware attacks done by cybercriminals. The purpose of such attacks was to blackmail internet users by locking their device with the help of online malware. Mostly, such viruses entered a user’s device through web browsers. That is why I recommend you install Proxynel For PC. Because it will help you to stay safe and away from the approach of online hackers. Moreover, a dark mode facility is also available in the app.

Proxynel For Laptop

Bypass Firewalls With Identity Blocker

There are millions of people who like to surf the internet privately. But what they also want is a restriction-free environment. Likely, there are students and workers who find it hard to access some online portals which are blocked by their admins. Fortunately, Proxynel For Windows is developed to help you bypass such firewalls without any trouble. Even though, your admins think they are monitoring you. But you what? They will never even know where to look out for you. Because while acquiring the services of Proxynel For PC, a user’s IP address is faked and he is provided with another one belonging to some other country’s location. Furtherly, there are variant locational proxy servers available for the users.

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Proxynel for PC & Laptop, free download on Windows-Mac

Proxynel isn’t officially designed for computers. But thanks to Android emulators, you can still Download Proxynel for PC. It’s mainly because these programs are produced to help users emulate smartphone apps on PC. And you can do the same if you want to use this proxy browser on your Windows & Mac OS.

Easiest Method To Install Proxynel for Windows 10-8-7-Mac

    • To appreciate your experience with emulators, download BlueStacks. (Link)
    • After installing the emulator, launch and configure it.
    • For a successful configuration, enter your Google Account and choose a language that you want for software UI.
    • When done, you’ll be redirected to its main page.
    • Just click once on the play store app to start using Google Play Services on PC.
    • Make a search for the “Proxynel” keyword in the play store and access the appropriate app.
    • Once there, hit the install button.
    • Afterward, start using Proxynel for Windows 10-8-7-Mac directly from the play store.


Proxynel app is basically a VPN browser which helps a user access VPN services conveniently. After you have installed the app, all you need to do is open it and you are good to go. No registration process is required as well. Though, my experience with the app was good enough so I downloaded Proxynel For Laptop as well. So I will recommend you do the same.

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