Melon VPN For PC Download [Windows & Mac]

Feeling annoyed & frustrated because of online insecurities? Wish to have a convenient & free VPN service? If yes, then Melon VPN is the only app to deliver your online security for free. This VPN tool is specifically made for people who like to get a secure pathway to surf the internet. Users who wish to never get traced by their ISP agents as well as cybercriminals. For such users, this application comes as a trick or treat. Apart from getting a short review of the app. We are going to discuss how to download & use Melon VPN For PC, free on Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac.

Melon VPN For PC

Download Melon VPN for PC and Laptop

If you are trying to Download Melon VPN for PC, then you need to use an Android emulator. I’m telling you to do this because there’s no official desktop version of this VPN. So you need to emulate the Android interface and then only use it accordingly. It seems a little difficult task, but trust me, you can complete the installation process within 10 minutes.

Melon VPN for Windows

Installing & Using Melon VPN For Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

  • To start, download & install BlueStacks or NoxPlayer on your PC.
  • After the emulator’s successful installation, run it, and start following the on-screen instructions. (It just asks you to enter your Gmail credentials and select a language)
  • When you are done configuring the emulator, it will take you directly to its home interface.
  • From there, locate & visit the Play Store app inside the emulator’s interface.
  • Now make a search of Melon VPN inside the play store and install the exact app as shown above in the provided screenshot.
  • In a matter of seconds, Melon VPN For PC will be installed and ready for you to use it.

Melon VPN For PC Alternatives:

Melon VPN Review

Melon VPN is one of those apps which are delivered only for the sake of internet users. It is simply designed and is free of in-app purchases. All of the proxy servers & locations are available for free. Users are allowed to get a secure connection with a single tap on the connect button. However, a user is provided with a choice to connect with the recommended server or get connected with a custom choice proxy location. For a user’s best interest, it’s good to stick with the recommended connection because it allows him to have a VPN connection with good health.

Why Install Melon VPN For PC?

There are plenty of good reasons why you should get VPN services like Melon VPN on PC. Some of them are listed below:

Hides Your Online Identity

Melon VPN For PC allows you to protect yourself from online identity theft. With such a facility, users can easily become anonymous and the online hackers are unable to find them. However, such a service is provided with the help of variant proxy servers. When a user hits the connected button, the app provides him a fake IP address. Allowing him to hide his online identity from every sort of online insecurities.

Enables Bypassing of Online Restrictions

When a user connects his device to public WiFi, there are plenty of online content that are unavailable to him. Like if you are connected to a WiFi router placed in your university, you will not be able to access some live streaming apps like Youtube & social media platforms like Facebook. So the work of Melon VPN For PC is to grant you access to such websites that are blocked on the local network. In the short term, it allows you to bypass any sort of online restrictions. So now it doesn’t matter to which sort of network you are connected to, the app will always help you access anything you want over the internet.

Multiple Proxy Servers

Online security services & allowing access to blocked content services are done just with the help of proxy servers. It’s a fact that there’s a wide range of proxy servers available for the user of Melon VPN For PC. A user always has the choice to connect with one proxy location at a time. The most famous & reliable proxy locations available inside the app are Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, and some others.

Fast & Unlimited

Not long ago, online users refused to acquire VPN services. Because such services caused slow speed internet. Even internet users allowed online hackers to trace their activities just because they didn’t want their internet speed to slow down. So if you are trying to get the best & fast surfing speed over the internet on a computer, Melon VPN For PC will be the right choice for you. It will allow you to connect with fast & unlimited proxy servers. Such services will help you access live-streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Tubitv, and so on. Because it’s no bandwidth restrictions, users get to download a huge amount of online data without any hassle.



Melon VPN is one of the best free VPN services available in the market. An intriguing fact about the app is that all of its services are available for free. The only con of the app is online ads. But they are worth it because such advertisements are only provided to you at the time of connection & disconnection. However, it’s a really simple app that does not require any registration process to work.

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