Keepsafe Photo Vault For PC Download [Windows 10/8/7/XP/Mac]

Either you own a smartphone or computer, there is always something private saved in it. Things that you never want others to access because it’s related to your confidential life. But sometimes you have to let others use your device because you can’t help it. So the question is, how to protect private data from getting into the wrong hands? Well, a simple solution for this particular problem is the Keepsafe Photo Vault app.

But the problem here is that this app is only available for Android & iOS devices. So, we will be talking about How To Download Keepsafe Photo Vault For PC and Laptop. While presenting the convenient steps to get the job done, we will take consideration of users willing to install Keepsafe Photo Vault For Windows & Mac operating systems. But before introducing you to such a tip/trick, let us talk a little about the app.

Keepsafe Photo Vault For PC

Download Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC and Laptop

There’s no official method to Download Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC. However, you are allowed to use Android emulators to emulate this Android app on PC. If you are using the right software, then you’ll never know the difference between using official software or emulating a program for your benefit.

Keepsafe Photo Vault PC
Steps to Install Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS

Follow these simple steps to download Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC Windows and macOS.

  • Start by downloading and installing an Android emulator.


Nox App Player

  • Once you’ve installed an emulator, launch it.
  • Set up your Google Account to benefit from Google Play Services.
  • Now open the PlayStore app from the emulator’s interface.
  • Hit the search bar and type Keepsafe Photo Vault.
  • Select your desired application from the search results.
  • Click on the Install button and then wait for a while.

Once installed, click on the Open button to start using Keepsafe Photo Vault for PC Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS for free.

What Is Keepsafe Photo Vault?

Keepsafe Photo Vault is an app that lets you save your data from the prying eyes. The app comes with a built-in applock that help users hide their media files like photos & videos. All of the files get encrypted, so no one gets to access them without passing the Keepsafe barriers. To secure a file, a user is allowed to set a PIN code, Password, or set bio-metrics lock (if available).

Keepsafe is not just about hiding your important files. Just like Dumpster, users can recover the deleted files from it. If it is a photo or a video that users have deleted recently, they can get it back in a matter of seconds. But a user has to first create a backup using this app because without it, it will not be possible to restore deleted files.

A great part of the deal about the Keepsafe Photo Vault app is that you get to use it on multiple devices. It allows users to sync or share all the stuff from one device to another. This facility becomes available by Keepsafe Login. A user just has to login with the same account on another device and he is good to go.

The app works efficiently to a user’s demand. In case he wishes to share his private stuff with another Keepsafe user, he can do it with a single tap. For that, he has to select a user with whom he wishes to share all the secured data. When he is done transferring privileges to another consumer, Keepsafe will keep that in mind and let that specific user access whatever is stored inside the vault.

Is Keepsafe Photo Vault Safe?

Keepsafe Photo Vault is safe. Because it allows users to store files through Keepsafe login. So all the account credentials are saved inside an encrypted database. It becomes impossible for a third-party user to decrypt or hack into a database system. Because he/she will never know where to find a specific person’s data.

Is Keepsafe Photo Vault Free?

Keepsafe Photo Vault is a freemium app, it comes with some in-app purchases. The premium version of the app contains some elite type of security tools which are worth it. The premium facilities in Keepsafe are individual album-locks, saving more than 5 thousand media files, and so on. An amazing elite facility of the app is that it lets users set security alerts. So whenever an intruder tries to mess with your account, you are notified instantly.

Why Do We Need To Install Keepsafe Photo Vault For PC?

If you own a computer, then there are plenty of good reasons for downloading Keepsafe Photo Vault For PC. Because you have lots of confidential stuff saved on it that you don’t want others to see. Like media files or even some documents which you have from your office. Think of having a copy of your drivers license or ID, you don’t want others to steal it from you. So that’s why we are saying that you should get a Keepsafe Photo Vault PC.



Keepsafe Photo Vault focuses on delivering services to privacy-conscious users. Because it let’s take full precautions to save their personal data from others. We found that Keepsafe is a very beneficial app and every device user should have it.

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