Beginner’s Guide To Install Hik Connect for PC on Windows-Mac

Hik Connect for PC brings ease for the users having Hikvision series digital recorders and camera devices. It helps them to connect their monitoring devices with their smartphones. Now, just with the help of an internet connection, users of this app can live stream videos anytime anywhere. There is no need for users to stay in front of their devices to keep an eye on their belongings. Because this app allows its users to watch the live feed as well as it provides the facility to take full control over them.

Hik Connect for PC

Hik Connect For Android

To avoid any suspiciousness, the app provides real-time video monitoring and video playback service. You can open the app anywhere at any time without any lag in service. The Hik connect supports P2P (Peer to peer) service which is direct communication between the two individuals without the need of a server.

The app requires an internet connection to log in to the Hik account. Hik-Connect provides an easy way for devices (IP cameras, DVR, NVR)  to connect to the internet. For Android users, the app supports the Android version Kit-Kat and above. Hik- connect is Compatible with all devices. The app provides the best security service without any cost. For better performance and service, the app consumes less CPU usage. You can get the Hik-connect app from the google play store. To download and install the app on PC requires using an emulator.

Download & Install Hik Connect for PC (Windows & Mac)

Hik Connect is free to download on PC and Laptop. To Install Hik Connect for Windows & Mac, users need to acquire the services of software named as BlueStacks. After the Emulator is installed properly, you will be allowed to access Hik Connect for PC without a hassle. So the first thing you need to do is install BlueStacks with the help of on-screen instructions and then run it on your Computer. Follow the below steps after you have successfully installed BlueStacks on PC.

  • Open Bluestacks.
  • From Bluestacks, go to the google play store to download the Hik-connect app.

BlueStacks on PC

  • As play store, requires your google play account. To continue, you should sign in to your google play account. Click on the sign-in button.

Hik Connect for Windows

  • After entering your Gmail Credentials, click on the Next Button and then Accept Terms of Service.

Hik Connect For Mac

  • Now you have successfully signed in to the play store.

Hik Connect For Laptop

To download and install the Hik-Connect app

Click on the search bar, type Hik-connect and hit enter.

  • Click on the install button to start downloading.

Hik Connect On PC

  • Wait a while until Hik Connect For PC installs.

Hik Connect For PC

  • After it’s installed, hit the open button to access Hik Connect on Windows PC.

Hik Connect on Windows PC

Hik Connect For PC Homescreen:

  • Click on the app icon to open Hik-connect.

Hik Connect For Windows

  • The app requires permission to access data on pc. (photos, files, and videos/audios)

Hik Connect For Mac

  • Select a country or region to proceed with the process.

Hik Connect For Laptop

Note: If you have Hik-account then click on login to register also, you can select visitor mode without login to use the app.

To Create Hik-Connect Account:

  • Click on the login button. To register as a new user, click on the register hyperlink.

Hik Connect Login

  • Select the Agree button for terms of service.

Hik Connect For PC

  • The Hik-connect For PC allows registering from a mobile number or your email.

Hik Connect For Windows

  • It takes some time for a verification code to send on the phone number or email. Get the verification code and enter it inside the application.

Hik Connect For Mac

  • Hit the Next button to set up a password for the login account.

Hik Connect For Laptop

  • Now click once on the finish button for a successful login.

Hik Connect For Windows PC

How to add device (IP- camera, DVR, or NVR) on Hik-Connect For PC?

  • Hit the + icon to add a device that is at the center of the Hik-connect home screen.

Hik-Connect For PC

  • You can add a device by scanning the QR code.

Hik-Connect For Windows

  • After searching the device. Here you will get the device serial number and status. Click on connect to a network.

Hik-Connect For Mac

  • Then, click on the confirm button.

Hik-Connect For Laptop

Alternative Method:

  • You can also add a device (IP camera, NVR, DVR) by clicking on the + icon on the top right-most corner. For that, select Manual Adding.

Hik-Connect For PC

  • Enter the serial number of the device. Then click on the save button which is at the top right side of the screen.

Hik-Connect For Windows

  • On Hik-connect, it allows selecting a connection type of device.

Hik-Connect For Mac

Connection type (Wireless or wired)

  • You can select the connection type of the device (IP-camera, NVR, DVR ) having a wire or without wire. If you have the wireless camera then select the wireless connection type. Click on Wireless Camera.

Hik-Connect For Laptop

  • I have selected the wireless camera device which requires an internet connection to connect with the Hik-connect account. Now, enter the wifi password.

Hik-Connect on PC

 Connection type (Wired):

  • To connect the wired device (Camera having wire ) with a router. Click on the continue button. As it takes some time to connect and requires the internet to linking the device to your account.

Hik-Connect For PC

  • Set up a device password for activating the device.

Hik-Connect For Windows

  • Accept Read and Agree with terms of service. Now Select the Next Button.

Hik-Connect For Mac

Encryption Service:

Hik-connect provides the encryption service for device security to prevent any software attack. The live view and record video are always encrypted to avoid any mishap.

  • For encryption service, set up a strong password and wait for a minute for this process for successful activation.

Hik-connect Encryption

  • Here is the Device configuration screen. You can skip this device configuration step.

Hik-connect Encryption

Live View:

  • You can view real-time video monitoring on the main screen of the app.

Hik-connect Live View

  • Click on CCTV (mobile data) connected device to start the live view.

Hik-connect Live View

  • Also, at the top right corner of the screen, there is a search bar for a quick search of the device that you have added.

Hik-connect Search bar

Notification Panel:

On the notification panel, you will get an update about the device. It allows setting alarms on the devices (IP –camera, NVR, DVR ). You can set push notification alerts on the app to get updated about the app.

Hik-connect Notification Panel

Hik-Connect For PC Settings:

  • By clicking on the three dots ‘More “icon on the bottom right side of the screen. You will go to the settings of the app.

Hik-Connect For PC Settings

  • Make Changes for a better surveillance experience.

Hik-Connect For PC Settings

Hard-Decoding preferred:

For high-quality videos sometimes we faced slow performance problems on a Computer. So, by enabling this feature, you can improve the performance of Hik-Connect on PC.

Hik-Connect on PC

About Hik Connect

Hik Connect for Windows 10 converts its users into a security guard of their belongings. It provides a convenient portal for its users, making it possible for them to take the security measures by themselves. However, the most astounding feature of this app is to send a user notification if something goes wrong. As the devices of this corporation come with motion detectors, it helps a user get notified whenever an intruder is about to enter his property. It sends a notification with the help of the provided email address which a user has entered in the app. Nonetheless, there are many other monitoring apps in the market as well, like Zsight and V380 Pro.

It is really simple and easy to access Hik Connect for Mac. All a user needs to do is to make a free account in the app and he’s on the go. For such a particular reason, a user is provided with a username and password. Remember, do not ever think of providing your private account to any other user, it may cause leakage of your private stuff. Furthermore, all of the user’s account details stay secure in the app’s database. All of the information is strongly encrypted, so a user does not need to worry about that.

Final Verdict

Here comes an end to our beginner’s guide to Install Hik Connect for PC. Feel free to ask for any suggestion to experience Hik Connect app on PC by commenting in the comments box provided below. Keep visiting TechPCWin for further guides and do not forget to share our articles on social media. Thanks.

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