Essential Guide To Download & Play PUBG For PC [Windows & Mac] – Free

There is not a single soul on the planet earth who doesn’t know about PUBG. From it’s beginning, it is known to be the best battle royale game ever introduced in the market. Players love to play it because they know they will never find another game like this one. However, it was first introduced only for computers and then for smartphones. So here, we have drafted all the basic ways to download & play PUBG For PC using Windows 10, 8, 7 & macOS. Follow our lead and in the end, we will deliver you a way to play this fascinating game on PC without paying a penny.


Convenient Tricks To Download & Play PUBG For PC [Windows & Mac] – Free

There are multiple tricks for you to follow for downloading & playing PUBG For PC. We will tell you about all of about according to our knowledge. However, most of the tricks we will be using are hiring third-party programs to play the game on a computer. It’s because there is an official way to download PUBG For Windows & Mac. But it’s a little costly and not everyone has the power to spend money on games. So from here, our guide starts to download & play PUBG For PC.

Downloading PUBG For PC via Official Emulator


As I mentioned earlier, the developers of PUBG have provided us all with an official emulator to download PUBG mobile on PC. This emulator works fine on normal devices. It does not ask you to have a special gaming computer for enjoying its fascinating features. However, players are required to see the software’s requirements before installing it. But after they are done installing Tencent Gaming Buddy, all they need to do is open it and make a search of PUBG inside the emulator. The program will provide them with the exact game and players will become able to emulate it on a computer.

Package NameTencent Gaming Buddy
Required OSWindows 10, 8 & 7
RAMAt least 3GB
ProcessorDual-Core 1.8GHz or above

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy

Installing PUBG For PC via BlueStacks

If you are satisfied with the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, you can choose BlueStacks to play PUBG on your PC. It’s one of the best emulators available in the market. Such software does provide its services as they advertise and also it’s free to use. Furthermore, gamers need to see the software requirements as they meet with their PCs perfectly. Because it will consume a lot of processing speed of your computer. But if your computer is fast enough to emulate Android games & apps on the PC. You don’t need to worry about anything at all.


When you have downloaded & installed BlueStacks. Open it and configure it according to your demands. It will ask you to enter your Gmail Account and select an understandable Language. Afterward, it will take you to its home interface. Now you need to open the Play Stor app and make a search of PUBG in it. From the search results, open your desired game and install PUBG for PC by clicking once on the install button.

Package NameBlueStacks App Player
Required OSWindows 10, 8, 7 & Mac
RAM4GB or above
File Size450MB
ProcessorIntel or AMD

Download BlueStacks

Playing PUBG For PC Without BlueStacks

No BlueStacks, no Tencent Gaming Buddy, What else would you want? Not to worry, we have just got another way for you to download & play PUBG on PC. There is another emulator known as NoxPlayer. The best thing about it is that it’s a lightweight emulator that runs on both slower & faster devices. Though, it’s the best choice for downloading & playing PUBG For Mac devices. Because of its performance level, many Mac users choose it to emulate any sort of Android apps & games on PC.

PUBG For Mac

To start playing PUBG For PC, users need to install the NoxApp Player on their device. After it is successfully installed, they need to open it and start following the on-screen instructions until they start seeing its home interface. Now from its welcome screen, click once on the Google folder and open the Play Store app. Enter their Gmail account credentials to enjoy playing Android games on PC. In the Play Store’s search bar, type PUBG mobile, and press enter. After that, install the PUBG game by clicking once on the install button. When the game gets installed, players will be able to enjoy it inside the emulator.

Package NameNox Emulator
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10 & Mac
Required RAM2GB RAM+
File Size567MB
Graphics Card1GB or above
ProcessorIntel or AMD processor of 2.2GHz+

Download Nox Emulator

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Players Unkown Battlegrounds aka PUBG

It is a game that needs no introduction. A player enters a battlefield of 100 in-game avatars who are desperately willing to spill rivalry blood. The each-n-every player lands on the ground with the help of a parachute knowing that he can die at any moment. But thanks to the developers of Tencent Games, players land far away from their opponents. There is no chance of getting killed at the landing moment. Still, a player needs to act fast after landing, because he has to collect the right means to survive on the crucial battlefield.

There are plenty of things that are necessary for a player’s survival. For instance, the medical kit, variety of arsenal, and food items as well. The basic goal is to find such things and only then kill your opponents. A great part of the deal is that you get to collect all the things from your prey but after hunting them down. Meaning, every time you defeat an enemy, you get to collect everything he had on him. However, players need to focus on keep moving from one point to another. Because if they stay in a single spot, they will become an easy target for others. Likewise, now there are some similar battle royale games like Cyber hunter available in the market. But it’s always good to play PUBG mobile on PC.

All of the maps are 8×8 km long, so a player cannot walk all the maps on his feet. That’s why players are now provided with the facility to use vehicles for going from one place to another. They will find different sorts of abandoned cars & jeeps parked on the side of a road. So all they need to do is find a way to get into such vehicles and start riding them to discover new things about the long maps.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions according to PUBG.

Is PUBG an Online Game?

As a matter of fact, PUBG is an online game because it allows you to compete with players from around the globe. It presents the idea of a soldier who is sent on a deserted island that is filled with his enemies. So a player has to defeat all of his enemies to have victorious gameplay.

Can I Play PUBG For Free?

First of all, the PUBG PC version was introduced in the market. But because there were tons of Fortnite fans as compared to this one. They considered delivering players with a PUBG mobile version with a free version. However, the mobile version does come with in-app purchases and that’s it.

Is PUBG Game Dangerous?

If you have a fan of PUBG near you, ask him how addictive this game can be. But it’s all about having control over our mind & body. It’s a fact that PUBG is the most addictive game one can find on the market. So if you have control over yourself and have tons of goals to accomplish in your daily routine, you don’t need to worry about it at all.

Can I Play PUBG in 2GB RAM?

Unfortunately, you can’t run an official PUBG PC or PUBG mobile version while having 2GB RAM. Because it’s not a lite weight game and can run only run on fast processing devices. But if you are downloading PUBG for PC via NoxPlayer, you may get able to fully enjoy it with 4GB RAM. Apart from that, you can always play the PUBG lite version.

Can We Play PUBG on Google?

PUBG is not delivered for officially delivered for Chrome. But you can always try some tricks to achieve such goals. Like the ARC Welder Chrome extension, you can play PUBG on Google through it. For that, you need to first install the arc welder extension and then upload the PUBG mobile APK file in it.

PUBG on Google

Can We Play PUBG Online?

The best way to play PUBG online is with the help of a Manymo online emulator. It provides you with both ways either to Download PUBG For PC Online from the Google Play Store or to upload the APK file in it. Basically, it grants you access to the Android interface within the web browser. It’s almost the easiest way to play the game anytime on a computer.

PUBG For PC Online

Is PUBG Available on Microsoft Store?

Hurry! PUBG is available on officially available on Microsoft Store. But it’s gonna cost you the same as the PC version. You can download & install PUBG for PC from here. After visiting the provided link, click once on the buy button and register to it respectively. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to enjoy PUBG For Windows or Mac devices.

PUBG For Windows

Can I Play PUBG on PC if I bought it on Xbox?

No matter on which device you purchase the PUBG PC version, you will still be able to enjoy it on other devices. But for the online hackers, the developers will only allow you to sign in from one device at a time. So always be cautious and don’t forget to logout from the device you were playing in the past.

How Do I Start PUBG on PC?

There are two different ways to play PUBG on PC. The first one is by downloading its official PC version and the second one is emulating its mobile version. But the PC version will cost you about $30 but if you are trying to play it for free on PC, you can always use its official emulator to PUBG mobile on PC.

How Much Is PUBG on PC?

Now that, we know PUBG is the most famous game in the battle royale genre. The developers of this game know that. So they have decided to deliver us all with an official emulator named Tencent Gaming Buddy. This software will help you download & play PUBG mobile For PC without paying a penny.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

PUBG provides the foremost battle royale platform for competing fans. It delivers them with all the satisfaction for dominating their enemies on a battlefield. It’s good to have more than 99 players as your opponents but what’s more intriguing is the way of finding the right way for your own survival. A good thing is that you are going to face any sort of online ads during your gameplay.

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