CamScanner For PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

We all want apps that can help us reduce human effort and help us save time. Such apps are hard to find because the Play Store is filled with apps that are no good for every user. Still, some applications provide services according to the needs of their users.

As the CamScanner app, allows a user to create a soft/electronic copy of the hard documents. Unfortunately, this is a mobile-only app. But I will tell you a tip/trick to download & install CamScanner for PC, free on Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac. Firstly, allow me to provide you with a little detail on the app.

CamScanner For PC

CamScanner for PC: Free Download on Windows-Mac

CamScanner is an Android App. However, you are still able to use CamScanner for PC. It’s only because of the Android emulators. But the emulator I’m going to discuss, only helps you install the app on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Mac operating systems. So have some patience and imply the provided steps carefully.

Installation Process of BlueStacks

I’m recommending you to use BlueStacks because it works perfectly for Windows & Mac users. Also, I’ve tested the software and it provides its services just like the way they are advertised. Though, I’ve prepared a full guide about the installation process of BlueStacks. Click here to learn about the proper steps to install the software.

Configuration of the Emulator

Now that you know the installation process is pretty simple, the same implies to its configuration. There are simple that you need to enter inside the emulator for your convenience. Like a Google account, software’s language, and a payment plan(you can select a free plan).

Use CamScanner for PC (Windows 10/8/7/macOS)

After you start seeing the home interface, you’ll be required to visit the Google Play Store. Its icon is available right in front, so there’s no trouble in locating it. From there, just install the CamScanner app like you do on your smartphone. It would take less time than it does on an Android device. But when it’s done, you’ll be allowed to use, CamScanner for PC (Windows 10/8/7/macOS).

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CamScanner Details

First of all, let me tell you that CamScanner is a productivity app that allows you to scan documents via your device. It also allows you to optimize scanned documents without a hassle. The secret behind the popularity of this app is because it provides a user with the services he asks for. Likely, if you are willing to scan objects which find amusing while you are on the go, you scan them easily through the app and save them to keep them forever with you. So if you want to use a big scanner while sitting on a chair, try CamScanner For PC.

Variant Optimization Services

If you are one of such users who like to save a lot of memories on his device. CamScanner is the right application for you. Because it will help you to fully customize your scanned images conveniently. As this a cam scanner app, you know that it changes your smart device into a scanner. After you have scanned a file, you can easily make changes to it. For instance, if you have scanned a document, you can copy paragraphs, sentences from it. Make a new document by pasting the paragraphs you copied from different documents. This way, a user can create his own documents. Furtherly, consumers can also change the effects of the documents scanned by the app.

CamScanner PDF Creator

After you have scanned your desired documents, it becomes very easy for you to convert your image files into a PDF. For that, a user only needs to gather all the image files together and tap to make a PDF. There are no further questions asked. You can still make changes to the PDF files which you just created. Find mistakes, change the whole script, and so on. Well, now you know CamScanner PDF creator is the best.

CamScanner PDF creator for PC


With CamScanner, it has become easy for a user to transfer one device’s data to another. But that only works if the other device also has a similar account. Meaning, if both of the devices have the same CamScanner account, only then it will be possible to share files from one to another. However, this feature is helpful for users who have bought a new device but don’t want their personal data to go in the trash. Furtherly, users can also connect their app account with cloud services. This way, they can also save all of their data and even transfer it to any device they want to.

Security & Privacy

No one likes their confidential stuff to be invaded by intruders. Everyone likes to stay private and protective when it comes to the safety of his personal documents. CamScanner for PC knows that, so it allows you to lock your personal files and set a PIN code to it. This way, no one else but only you will be allowed the files which you have added in the protective mode. Users can also tell others their passcode, but only the ones they can trustfully.



CamScanner is a productivity app which helped me a lot in scanning hard documents. However, my experience of the app on my Android device was good enough, so I personally installed the app on my computer. It helped me a lot in sharing my files from my one device to another. Though, this a freemium app which also comes with paid services. But the free services are enough if you want to scan documents or have some customization options.

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