Download & Play Call of Duty Mobile For PC [Laptop & MacBook]

Call of Duty is known to be famous because it’s like a trendsetter of action-packed games. It was first released sometime in 2003 and now still have managed to win the hearts of many action genre lovers. The reason behind its success is that the developers never stop adding new and creative things in COD’s gameplay. So now Tencent Gaming Buddy (developers of PUBG) & Activision has decided to deliver us all with a new action-packed sensation called “Call of Duty Mobile”. Today, we are going to discuss how to download & Play Call of Duty Mobile For PC.

Call of Duty Mobile For PC

Call of Duty Mobile Review, Gameplay & Features

Call of Duty Mobile provides a fascinating action genre gaming platform. Its made for those who are bored by playing different shooting games that do not come with services as they advertise. As COD is now the creation of the game developing giant Tencent Gaming buddy, they have decided to make an all-in-one package for Call of Duty fans. Now all the game modes and features are available in one single game. A game that is now available under your fingertips. So make war or start finding means to survive, it’s all up to your gameplay priorities.

Main Reasons To Play Call of Duty Mobile Game

Here are some of the basic reason why anyone should never ignore playing Call of Duty Mobile:

⇒ Game Modes

First of all, you can never get bored while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Because it comes with plenty of intriguing game modes that compel a player to never leave his gameplay. All of the classical modes are available inside the game. A player has a choice of playing in each mode according to his desire. But most of the game modes are multiplayer, so a player gets to enjoy his gameplay with millions of COD fans. Most of the popular gaming modes are Black ops & Warfare series.

⇒ Battle Royale Mode

As now the game delivered specially for the amusement of PUBG fans, a Battle Royale Mode is added to it. Variant maps and modes are delivered in this mode. Players are allowed to enter a battle arena where the number of soldiers is one hundred. All of the fighters will have to find a way to survive as well as kill their opponents. The projections are of 4×4, so it will become a lot easier for players to hunt down their opponents. However, this particular game mode allows players to even play by themselves or have teammates to fight beside them.

⇒ Customization at it’s best

All of the player’s appearance is customizable. Gamers are allowed to collect different avatar skins and to even add colors to their arsenal. Apart from the appearance, players can also collect some heavy tools of war to gain victorious gameplay. There is a variety of guns that allows you to defeat the rebels affectionately.

⇒ In-Game Effects

Nowadays, every game’s success depends upon its in-game graphics & sound effects. So that’s what Call of Duty Mobile is providing you. It comes with spectacular visual graphics to make your gameplay even more intriguing. Even the sound effects will allow you to fully enjoy each-n-every moment spent in the gameplay.

⇒ Ranking System & Awards

Take a part in COD online tournaments to share your war glory with other players. Make your name come at the top of game leaderboards to gain numerous game rewards. Every time your name hits the top ranks, you will be rewarded heavily. But the provided bonuses will be according to your in-game performance. So never forget to leave a glorious impact on your enemies during a fight.

⇒ Renowned Developers

Call of Duty Mobile has hit the market with the collaboration of Tencent Gaming Buddy & Activision. Both of them are well-known and they have worked hard enough to deliver us all with a great sensational game. Yet, their work is not done. They are trying to make the game even more compelling by adding multiple game modes, rewards system, avatar skins, etc.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Game

Package NameCall of Duty Mobile
Required OSWindows 10, 8, 7 & Mac
File Size94MB
Game Versionv1.0.16

How To Download & Play Call of Duty Mobile For PC & Laptop?

You’ve experienced Call of Duty Mobile on your smartphones. So I think its time to help you take your gaming experience to the next level. I’ll tell you how to Download Call of Duty Mobile for PC and Laptop. It’s simple and easy because all you’ve to do is find a way to emulate your favorite gameplay on PC. And for that, I’m going to use Android emulators.

Best Android Emulators to play COD Mobile on PC

Call of Duty Mobile for Laptop

Downloading & Playing Call of Duty Mobile For Windows 10, 8, 7 & macOS

  • Downloading an Android Emulator On PC
    The first thing you need to do is download an Emulator File from the provided links. (NoxPlayer Or BlueStacks)
  • Installing an Android Emulator on Computer
    Once you are done in downloading the emulator’s raw file, its time to install the emulator on your computer. Run the downloaded file to start the installation process. You can easily install it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Configuring the Installed Emulator
    After the successful installation of the emulator, you need to open it and maybe it will start by itself. Either way, you need to see the startup tutorials to understand the working phenomenon of the program. Because you are going to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC. You will have to fully understand how the game controls work inside the software’s interface. When you are done with the tutorials, the emulator will ask you to add a Gmail account and select a language that you can understand properly.
  • Downloading Call of Duty Mobile APK
    Now you will have to download Call of Duty Mobile APK from the above-provided button under the game details tab.
  • Uploading Call of Duty Mobile APK for PC
    Now its time for you to upload the Call of Duty APK file inside the emulator. For that, you are required to upload the downloaded game file by dragging it by mouse or touchpad and then dropping it onto the emulator’s interface. An alternative way to upload the game file is by heading to the Install APK button. In NoxPlayer, its place at the left side menu bar, and in BlueStacks, it is available inside the hamburger icon right above the play store app’s icon. Either way is suitable, depending upon your capabilities.
  • Playing Call of Duty Mobile For PC
    After you have uploaded the game’s APK file, the emulator will start its installation process. It will not take more than 15 to 20 seconds to install the game. When it is properly installed, you can start playing Call of Duty Mobile on a PC (Laptop or MacBook).

Call of Duty Mobile For PC Alternatives:

It’s not possible to never like a game like Call of Duty Mobile For PC. Still, some players are willing to experience plenty of other gaming sensations. For such players, here comes Call of Duty Mobile For PC alternatives:


PUBG is the most famous and fascinating battle royale genre game ever introduced in the market. This game is of those games which have managed to win the heart of many battle royale fans. Even I don’t get bored while playing this spectacular game. However, the reason why its popularity is that you can find tons of opponents to play with. There are millions of players who are in search of a good competitor, all you need to do is enter the online servers and start enjoying PUBG For PC.


Cyber Hunter For PC

Cyber Hunter is what you can call as the game which brought fascinating in-game effects in the Battle Royale genre. The idea is still the same (defeating your opponents before they can kill you). But what’s intriguing is the fact that you now have some elite guns & tools to make war against your enemies. The jetskis, parkour experience, and there are so many things which you may never find in any other battle royale game in the market. So it’s good to play Cyber Hunter For PC as an alternative to COD Mobile.

Cyber Hunter For PC

Super Mecha Champions For PC

Super Mecha Champions brings a battle royale platform specifically for the manga fans. This game is the new sensation of Netease and players waited for this game for so long. Now that it has hit the market, players are fascinated by its gameplay. Because now their fight is against the robotic armies. An intriguing fact about the game is that the story mode is just like playing an RPG game. But the competing game mode comes with tons of battle royale fun. In the multiplayer mode, players can either decide to be a human or a Mecha. Long story short, you should try playing Super Mecha Champions For PC.

Super Mecha Champions For PC

Call Of Duty Mobile For PC [Common Errors & Their Solutions]

Here are some of the common bugs that users have to face while playing Call of Duty Mobile For PC. We have delivered the most convenient solutions for such problems. So if you are facing such difficulties while enjoying the gameplay, feel free to use the provided solutions to fully enjoy your gamethrough.

Call of Duty Mobile “Network Error. Please Check Your Network Status”

  • First of all, open Call of Duty Mobile game.
  • Now download & install the best VPN service like VPN Monster, Astrill VPN, or VPN Master.
  • Once you are done in installation a VPN opens it.
  • Before hitting the connect button in the VPN, select the proxy location of India.
  • When done, open your game and start playing it without any Network Error.

Call of Duty Mobile “Unable To Connect To Game” & “Cannot Connect Server” Error

  • Firstly, you need to log in as a guest and Facebook. Please check if the error is consistent in both ways.
  • If you are still seeing this error, then you need to use a VPN service.
  • Download & Install Turbo VPN or Super VPN on your device.
  • After its installation, go to the setting of the VPN app and select a proxy server with a location of Australia or Canada.
  • Once connected, start your gameplay without being interrupted by such bugs.

Call of Duty Mobile “No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players Error”

  • Download & Install Call of Duty Mobile edited APK version from Here.
  • Install it and see if you are still facing a similar problem or not.
  • If the still problems annoy you, turn off the internet on your device and open the game.
  • When you start seeing the error in your game saying “Update download failed. Please make sure you have a stable connection”. It’s time you need to connect your device again with a working internet connection.
  • Afterward, you will not be interrupted by “No Gun, No Shooting, Invisible Players Error“.

Call of Duty Mobile Authorization Error

  • To proceed with the solution, install Melon VPN or Thunder VPN.
  • After installing the VPN, select a proxy of India, Australia, or Canada, before hitting the connect button.
  • When you are successfully connected with one of the locations as I told you, open your game.
  • Now you will not be bothered by any error like “Call of Duty Mobile Authorization Error“.

Call of Duty Mobile Stuck On “Getting Version Info” Screen

  • Check for Game Updates
    Before you step into gameplay, you will have a checkout if your game is not of an old version. So first, head to the game settings and check for the installed version. Compare the game version with the available ones in the market. So if you are playing the COD Mobile APK old version, you need to update it to the newest one.
  • Start Using VPN Services
    Get Yoga VPN or PrivateVPN on your device. Install it by following the home screen instructions. When the VPN app is installed, open it. Now choose a server location of India or Canada and tap once on the connect button. Once done, open your gameplay to start enjoying it without an error known as Call of Duty Mobile Stuck On “Getting Version Info” Screen.


Call of Duty Mobile is one of the top growing battle royale platforms available in the market. It is delivered with the collaboration of Tencent Gaming Buddy & Activision. So all of the players are fascinated by its gameplay and in-game effects which they have never seen in any other action game yet. Though there are no online ads and the game works great on a big screen.

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