Bestline VPN for PC – Free VPN on Windows & Mac

Online users do not even know that they are being targeted by hackers. Recently I encountered that there is a huge increment in the number of cybercrime activities. Millions of users fall into the traps of hackers who are desperately looking out for prey. Such bad guys hunt people on a daily basis and fill their accounts by blackmailing their hunted online users. So if you want to avoid becoming meat for the online hunters, Bestline VPN is the tool to fill your requirements. However, I have drafted a whole guide to download & install Bestline VPN for Windows PC & Mac devices as well.

Bestline VPN for PC

Why Bestline VPN?

Bestline VPN is the right application to save your online privacy & security. It helps you to become anonymous on the internet without any problem. Users are provided with Virtual IPs with the help of the proxy servers. After a user has decided to use the services of Bestline VPN, he can easily perform all of his private online activities without any tension of leakage. Even the ISP agents cannot trace a user who is acquiring the services of this VPN app. Though, if you are looking to find a way to become totally hidden on the internet, the VPN serves best for you.

Bypass Firewalls & Geo-Restrictions

With Bestline VPN, users can easily access blocked websites & social media portals. Now it does not matter either the online portals are restricted because of strong firewalls or they are blocked geographically, users can access them without a hassle. Either you are at school or at work, access social media apps conveniently. No sort of restrictions stands a chance to come in your way of getting your online freedom. Furthermore, users are provided with unlimited bandwidth with high-speed internet as well.

Features of Bestline VPN

  • Unblock – for example, you want to visit Facebook, but Facebook may be blocked by the school or by the government.
  • Anonymous – you want to browse some websites anonymously and do not want to leave any records.
  • Security, privacy protection – Under public Wi-Fi, fear that Internet data is being monitored and stolen.
  • Virtual IP – some games or apps are only available in certain areas, but you want to try again.
  • Free – you find that other VPNs are either charged or set up a variety of complex points of the task, and you only want a free and simple VPN. [Source: Google Play Store]

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Bestline VPN for PC: free download on Windows-Mac

Bestline VPN is an Android App. But with the help of Android Emulators, you can download Bestline VPN for PC easily. The good thing is that you can download Bestline VPN for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Bestline VPN for Mac. The reason behind this is an Android Emulator. If you want to install Bestline VPN on PC then you need to follow the instructions given below.

Simple Steps To Install Bestline VPN for Windows 10/8/7/macOS

  • For lightweight cross-platforming experience, download Nox App Player for PC. (Link)
  • Once you’ve downloaded the emulator’s file, launch its installation wizard.
  • After you are done installing the software, open it on your machine.
  • Watch the startup tutorial to learn how it works, if not, just skip to the main interface.
  • Click once on the Google folder and navigate to Play Store.
  • Enter your old Google Account or make a new one, totally up to you.
  • When you able to enter the play store, use its search bar to open Bestline VPN.
  • Hit the install button and wait for it to complete the app’s installation.
  • Thereafter, start using Bestline VPN for Windows 10/8/7/macOS directly from Nox.

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